Have weddings got you down? Do you get anxiety anytime you photograph a wedding or during a bridal session and worry that you'll miss that "look" between your couple or some lovely detail?

Join me for a stellar bridal workshop where you'll learn posing tricks to make your couple explode with beauty, learn how to capture raw emotion during a bridal session, and to capture the small details that will make your portfolio go wowza! 

You will will learn my tricks on posing couples, how to capture candid emotion in your bridal couple, and more; everything is absolutely swoon worthy. 

Course Curriculum

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    Swoon Series Workshop Video

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About the instructor

Photographer and Educator

Camille Zolman

I've been working as a wedding a lifestyle photography since 2013.  Stretching my soul creatively, feeling love for the world we live in and bringing lifelong friendships into my life are just a few of the perks I have in my job.Weddings use to bring me so much anxiety and stress but after I found my personal system of photographing weddings, they are my FAVORITE thing to photograph.  Let me help you ease your stress of photographing bridal couples and weddings.I am a picture taking, world traveling, yoga practicing, yummy food eating, tiny home living girl and I can't wait to meet you.

What others have been saying about this course:

Find confidence in photographing weddings and bridal couples and create images that people will SWOON over.

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